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 KHEMRI choix entre recevoir et kicker

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MessageSujet: KHEMRI choix entre recevoir et kicker   Mer 17 Juil 2013 - 15:26

Article intéressant et bien écrit (je ferai peut être une traduction pour Loïc à l'occasion...)

Kick first vs. Recieve first
Every coach has opinion, which one is better. Let me share mine.

In most situations, I prefer to kick first (I will talk about exceptions at the end). Reasons:

1) Khemries are not afraid of snowballing opponent.
2) Khemries snowball better in defense than in offence.
3) Khemries are very bad at recovering from bad luck in offence.
4) In some situations, kick first is MUST.

Khemries are not afraid of snowballing opponent

Receive first has one clear advantage - you get initiative, and first 4 blocks. With some lucky armor/cas rolls, you remove one or few opponent players before they even have a chance to act, get numerical advantage, and snowball from there. There is a joke, that when 2 high TV Chaos teams play, the one that wins coin toss, wins a game. And it has some truth in it. But Khemries are not Chaos.
IMHO Khemries is hardest team to snowball against:
1) Khemries always have a bench. 13-14 players is standart.
2) All players have regen.
3) Line folders (skelies) have Thick Skull + regen. That makes them best linefolder vs. CLAWPOMB army.
4) If everything went bad, you still have 2 KO rolls.

Khemries snowball better in defense than in offence

IMHO Khemries can snowball on offence, but only in some limited situations. Main problems with snowballing on offence are:
1) Picking the ball with Khemries is hard. And while ball is not in Thro-Ra hands, Khemries can't concentrate on bashing/fouling. You must leave some players in back field, you cannot foul before pick-up, blitzing target deep in opponent side is often bad idea (especially blitz/PO, learned it hard way).
2) When Thro-Ra has ball, you must protect him at all cost. Literally. When I play elves, sometimes I give opponent chance to to do 4+ dodge+ 2x GFI for 1D block on my ball carrier. It eats opponent rerolls, and even if he succeeds, I will just pick up the ball and run away next turn. With Khemries, story is different. Losing the ball often mean no scoring that half. So, you protect the ball. Often it means you don't take some blocks, and/or give opponent extra blocks.

On defense, Khemries doesn't have these limitations, and can bash/foul "from the heart".

Also, kick first gives "free" T8 foul. Rule is simple:
If opponent scored, and you have 12+ players, foul.

Khemries are very bad at recovering from bad luck in offence

Bad luck really hurts Khemries. Classical examples:

1) Kick-off events. Worst is Changing Weather into Pouring rain. Blitz! and Perfect Defense are super bad. Throw a Rock and Pitch Invasion are potentially dangerous.
2) No pick-up 2/3/4 turns in row. Happens surprisingly often for AG2 team.
3) Failure with RR on 2D block. Also happens surprisingly often, because TG's doesn't have easy access to block.

If some bad luck leads to defensive TD for opponent, it is pretty much impossible to recover and win a game.
On top of that, opponent will get control of game clock, and can choose to score or T7 or T8 (depending from KOs).

Nobody can avoid bad luck. But it is much easier to recover from bad luck in 2nd half, when opponent has fewer players.

When kick first is MUST

At least in these 2 situations kick first is must:

1) Opponent team has high chance for OTT. Why the hell should Khemries receive vs. them? If they want to try OTT, first they should survive till T16.
2) Opponent has wizard. Again, if Khemries receive, lucky wizard often means defensive TD for opponent, and Khemries are unlikely to recover from that. If kick first, opponent may be forced to waste wizard if he wants to score, or, with some luck, in 2nd half opponent wont have enough players to take advantage of wizard.


Sometimes receive first is great, too. Pretty much always when you have good chance to snowball.
1) Teams, against which Khemries has "natural" advantage. Norse, Humans, unskilled Chaos/Nurgles teams comes to mind.
2) 11 players apo teams. Receiving vs 11 players regen teams are also not bad.
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KHEMRI choix entre recevoir et kicker
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